is an essential prerequisite
to achieve context awareness


3D information in form
of digital surface



With the proliferation of service-oriented architectures, ubiquitous computing and universal network connectivity, distributed collaboration has become pervasive in today’s enterprises. Considering crucial role that information plays in several strategic and tactical decision, the automation of the collaborative processes driven and managed by workflow rules imposes new imperative requirements on collaboration systems.

Intelligent, context-aware, and workflow-centric collaboration is an essential prerequisite to achieve context awareness and fulfill such requirements. Currently, the major problem related to the transition to information centric systems is represented is represented by the plethora of currently available middleware technologies.

Leonardo Engineering and Research can support third organizations integrating diverse data residing in multiple, autonomous, heterogeneous information sources, and transforming them into coherent information that can be used by decision makers.

Data Fusion technologies are specifically developed to ensure appropriate collection, registration and alignment, stochastic filtering, logical analysis, space-time integration, exploitation of redundancies, quantitative evaluation, and appropriate display are part of sensor data fusion as well as the integration of related context information.

Leonardo Engineering and Research offers a valuable support in formalizing an appropriate ontological framework where information (i.e., data and relationships) is suitably represented in order to develop software agents capable of performing tasks involving reasoning capabilities in a Integrated Cooperative Decision Making (ICDM) environment. The activity performed for our clients beings with the analysis of the organization, and the redesign of ill-structured decision processes providing the “semantic glue” to enable knowledge sharing among distinct systems cooperating in data rich domains. Once the collaborative environment has been established, a net-centric decision support system is developed to provide responsive near real-time decision-support for tactical and strategic decisions.



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