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In the last decade the impacts of the globalization process have emerged in all their criticality, changing the very nature of modern organizations, and intensifying the market competition among enterprises. The duration of competitive advantages has become gradually shorter, and even solid, long-established firms have faced unprecedented difficulties in withstanding the market changes. In such context, R&D has become a key element of success on the market, with new digital technologies being the most important driver for a societal and industrial revolution.As a matter of fact, in the face of an ever-increasing global technological race, the top 2500 industrial players worldwide increased their R&D investment by 8.9% last year.
However several industries, and Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) in particular, are not yet mature enough to embrace the globalization challenge, as they need to firms need to conceptualize how they can develop their competitiveness, and reshape their business models in a new digitized economy.
Simultaneously, the spread of digital knowledge in combination with widely available and affordable computing resources has driven scientific research to evolve from an activity reserved to a limited group of extremely qualified professionals, to an activity undertaken by large communities of freelance researchers involving hundreds to thousands of individuals worldwide. Nevertheless, in such transformation, practices that indicate a lack of rigor, errors or sloppiness, and poor analysis and reporting, have proliferated affecting the meaningfulness and the reproducibility and replicability of results.

Despite the generally recognized importance of R&D investments small companies lack adequate instruments and financial resources to express their potential of innovation. Leonardo Engineering and research offers a qualified support to help companies in structuring formalizing their research activities according to a rigorous application of the scientific method.
A transparent and scientifically consistent approach towards research, including study design, materials used, operationalization of variables, measurement techniques, uncertainties, and procedure s of data collection and sampling is a necessary premise for obtaining meaning results.
The service provided also involves the facilitation of cooperative relationships with the leading research institutions on a national and international level, as well as appropriate scientific divulgation and dissemination.
Finally, the company supports the clients in the valorization of research activities, through the promotion of innovative products, the facilitation of technology transfer, and the of patenting and licensing activities.
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