solutions in partnership with other companies


in a ‘PCBA-only’
The company has been producing custom products ranging from small prototypes to fully operable and certified systems in many different markets, including healthcare, Oil&Gas, security agriculture, etc. Our vertically integrated design and manufacturing process delivers cost-effective solutions fully developed in house or in partnership with other companies.

The skillset and experience gained in industrial research programs, allowed the company to invest on the development of original “own” solutions through a rigorous product design, development and certification process. The company has thus expanded its original role becoming an Original Equipment Manufcaturer (OEM), delivering own branded components to the final clients.

Leonardo Engineering and Research relies on a full team of engineers for schematic design, layout, embedded software, industrial designed enclosures and regulatory compliance.

The company can thus provide proprietary solutions developed in-house in a ‘PCBA-only’ format to be integrated into bigger assemblies, or fully-bespoke products designed from scratch. The company can also activate contract manufacturing partnerships, on a both national and international basis, for small and large production runs.

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