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We intend to help our customers transform their products, their services into success stories, wherever they are in the world. We intend to do this with technical, commercial, physical and virtual content and information.

Our openness to innovation is the result of an experience that has developed over the years. We provide services to both companies and institutions. An evident demonstration of our deep bond with the institutions are the projects we have implemented and which have allowed us to build a strong partnership both in the countries of the European Union and in the rest of the world.

For these reasons we want to extend our services to customers who are interested in our news and our professionalism on which we aim to excel in various sectors.

We mention only some of the projects that we have already successfully implemented.


D-Factory -10 million Euro FP7-funded project (KBBE.2013.3.2-02 (No: 613870)) supporting 13 partners from 8 countries to produce suites of compounds from Dunaliella , flexibly to meet market requirements, and sustainably.


Platform for Agrofood Science and Safety ( PlASS ) - P0Na3 00053 - PON R&C 2007/2013 Axis I - operational-objective,


Computer Aided Logistic Support System for Marine and Offshore Facilities (CALOSS) PO FESR Sicily 2007-2013 ", specific objective 4.1., Operational objective 4.1.1, line of intervention


Innovative system for the reduction and real- time monitoring of emissions from the Favignana power plant, POR_FESR Sicily 2007-2013 Axis IV, Operational Objective 4.1.1 - Line of action - CUP G73F11000240004 - Surplus Code 2011-NAZ-0048


ATYPICO - OP ERDF Sicily 2007-2013, specific objective 4.1., Operational objective 4.1.1, line of intervention

Multi-criteria methodologies to support the choice of projects (formerly 60%) 24 participant Multi- objective models applied to industrial and service management systems (formerly 60%)


DIFA - Digitalization of the Agro-food chain - APQ Information Society - Sicilian Region Fast Pasta - PON R & C- PIAI * 034409/0013/0030 * D-0459- 3


Innovative low consumption and high comfort wing support boat for passenger transport -PON01_01605


Study of a specific managerial accounting model for the company to be implemented in a control and management software tool, funded by the Department of Industry, Sicily Region under measure 3.14 call I, year 2003.


Study of a methodological approach to electronic document management system, the choice of technology solutions, financed by industry implementation and testing, Region of Sicily under the measure 3.14 notice I, 2003.


Technical-economic analysis of the choice and implementation of a management software - funded by the Department of Industry, Region of Sicily as part of the measure 3.14 POR SICILIA call I, year 2003.


P innovative rocesso for the production of almond milk as a substitute for breast milk - funded by the Department Industry, Region of Sicily under the measure 3.14 POR Sicily notice II, 2005.


Vineyard and Cellar Traceability System - funded by the Department of Industry, Sicily Region under measure 3.14 POR SICILIA call II, 2005.



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