Leonardo Engineering and Research is an enterprise established  offering top-qualified services and systems in civil, industrial, and military contexts. The company develops highly customized solutions designed and engineered according to specific customers’ requests and employing state-of-the art technologies and methodologies.

The organization is structured in teams of hi-skilled professionals with specific competencies in selected business areas, coordinated by the Technical Director. Such a lean and flexible structure allows the company to withstand the market competition and to increase its business value in modern knowledge-based economic systems. The strong corporate identity built in almost 20 years of activity, and the solid management strategy centered on the valorization of the human capital, have been the most significant element of resilience towards the severe events occurred in the last decade in global financial markets

The company makes research and innovation a key strategic element of its value proposition, providing high value-added consultancy services and fostering the partnership among commercial entities and research organizations, through collaborative digitized supply chain models. The close collaborations with universities and leading national organizations in the field of applied research, allowed the company to achieve excellent results in a wide landscape of operational contexts.

The managers ‘ability to identify possible transfers of high-level technologies towards various fields of application such as, industrial plants, agriculture, Oil&Gas, naval and energy, and aerospace among the others. With the increasingly intense market competition, networked organizations are more effective in catching market opportunities quickly, leveraging integrated resources distributed among firms is a major challenge for today's management.

Coherently with such view, the company now boasts a dense network of contacts with national and international public and private institutions, as well as with leading research bodies at national and international level. The globalized geographical area of interest ranges from the European context to the United States of America, to the Arab emirates, and the focus is now on new emerging countries of the East & Far East, such as Russia, China, India.